MIcable Inc. is a high-tech enterprise formed by SSI CABLE CORPORATION of the USA and Mitron Inc. of China which manufactures and sells microwave coaxial cable assemblies. SSI CABLE CORPORATION has been manufacturing microwave coaxial cable assemblies since 1989 and now is a leading supplier of these items. Using innovative and state of art manufacturing process and technology, their products are widely used in aircraft, radar, communication networks, and other applications. Customers of SSI include Alcatel, Intel, ITT, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Loral Skynet, Raytheon, Rockwell Collins, and others. The establishment of MIcable Inc. exhibits the ideal cooperation between US technology experience and China¡¯s low manufacturing cost and abundant RF talent resource. MIcable will provide high performance and low cost microwave coaxial cable assemblies for Chinese and global customers.  




MIcable¡¯s manufacturing process and techniques for producing cable assemblies are completely introduced by SSI CABLE CORPORATION, it has the advanced manufacturing and testing equipments related to cable assembly production and the production line is set up according to strict quality control standard. The patent automatic bending machine from SSI can realize the arbitrary bending, and with smooth/flat surface, good consistency and repeatability.

Laser Stripper
SSI Bending Machine
Network Analyzer N5230 PNA-L

Advanced Technology


MIcable believes ¡°The top talent, created the top products¡±. Bringing up the high class employee is the most important warrantee for company¡¯s steady development. All those key employee in producing and technical management have the experience of training in SSI America, and all of the workers are trained by SSI experts and must pass through the text with good performance.


Quality Control


Products from MIcable are manufactured strictly according to ISO 9001:2000, ISO14001, appropriate MIL standards. The inspection is set up at every producing process, and all products are 100% tested which including temperature, high voltage, VSWR and insertion loss etc. The special environment test is available based on the customer¡¯s requirement.
MIcable has been certified the China Military Quality Management Standard GJB 9001B-2009.


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